Saturday, February 28, 2009

Think n Act

Boycott..simple word.

Ikot nafsu,mmg aku g mkn aiskrim mcD,tp aku tringt kate2 mmber aku..

"1 rinngit same dgn 1 pluru aku suply kat yahudi utk bunuh saudara aku d Palestin"

Aku syg saudara seIslam aku lbih dr nafsu aku kat mcD aiskrim..

hrp2 korang pon same..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Owh,ya..another pet..!

My Mr. Crab1 n Mr. Crab2..hahah. Bukan asal Mlaysia,tp Afrika.. Jenis Rainbow len Rainbow crab is Moon Crab.. Nice,purple violet n orange in colour..i bought it from Pets Wonderland..Mr Crab1 dbeli oleh org tersayang..sayang kamu...then sbb ingt kan Mr Crab1 lonely sorg2,bli la lg satu,tp upe2nye xngam..huhu

My Mr Crab1 dlm bekas..cian die sorg2..

The Mrs kne diasingkan..klo x gado je kje.. mmg species fighter pon crab jenis ni..huhu

Menatang ini sgt kuatla mkn..n sgt pnakut..kui3

Ugly but adorable = CUTE!!

Did i Mention Bout ma Pet?

My parrot fish..comel,tp pnakut n pmalu..4 red parrot n 3 yeloow parrot..1yelow parrot da mati..hukhuk..

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Wrong Wit me?

Hafiz = Guardian/ Protector

but how much ive protect sumting o sum1 dats meaningful 2 me..?

how meaningful the name to my judgements...?

am i protecting people i love,or juz ruining them more..?

im trying..and it human too fragile to be drown into his own fault..?

or is it juz my reason for not being perfect as my name..?


Perfect = Akmal


im lost again..but dont wan any help..coz i wan to stand wit my own strength..

hate being lost...but grateful 2 hav them..even suffer more than i can xpect..