Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tag Team!!!

The last person to tag you is..


Your 5 impressions toward him..

M - muskulin

A - Alim

J - jambu???

I -independent

D - DoTAolic?? hahahahah

The most memorable thing he had done for you..

support n teach me in bowling game..huhuhuhuh,terharu..

If he becomes your enemy, you will..

kill him many time(dlm half life la, real life kwn kamcheng..huahua)

If he becomes my lover, he needs to improve on..

the way he kiss me..hahahaha,kiding...yucksss..hahahahah..omg!!!

If he becomes your enemy, the reason is..

die xgrup ngn aku dlm half life..hahahaha

How do you think people around you feel about you..


The character about yourself is..

Ntoh..KARTOON kot..

The most ideal person you want to be is..

Balance in everything

For person who cares or likes you, say something for them..

I love u all...n loving u all is wat i got..

10 people to tag..

Most of them da pon kne tag..yg blom 2 wat la..hahahha:

  1. anis
  2. aizuddin
  3. akmal
  4. hariri
  5. ben
  6. munir
  7. chupachups
  8. zira
  9. huss
  10. acap g

Who is number 2 having relationship with?

dont know.......

Is number 3 a male or female?

klo awek aku pompuan la, klo kwn aku laki la..hahaahha

Is number 7 and 10 together would be a good thing?

huohohoho,not a gud thing la....

How bout number 5 and 8?


What is number 1 studying?


When was the last time you chat with them?

dlm klas td...?

Is number 4 single..

i tink die da x available kooottttttt...................huehue

Talk something bout number 2..

die bru wat die agak myentoh kalbu..huhuhu


Aizuddin said...

macm mane nak buat dengan tag nih?

grappy mewlon said...

juz copy pe yg de kat blog aku,then paste kat blog ko,then lg,ko edit la mne yg ptot..

2 je..
slamat mengeTAG..huhuhu