Sunday, October 26, 2008


Diz pics were taken by me wen i was shoping at Megamall Midvalley..i was so shocked 2 see my fav actor n my fav hero there walked around,and then i asked them 4 their permission 2 take their pics 4 my blog. They were realy hepy bcoz they never tot people like me r wiling 2 put their pic (without make up) in my blog. They invited me 2 act wit them,even ask me 2 join their venture,but i was so bz with my study and tink beter 2 reject it properly in manner n focus on my books 1st..

So,so long nak citer,ni la gmbar yg aku tgkap ari 2..Lihat elok2,kinda popular jgk la dorg ni, international ppl la katekan..

Omar anak lelaki Sim (Homer Simpsons)

Suparjo Mari-O (Super Mario) pk la sendiri...


Hariry Ariffin said...

canne nak pikir? haha. :D

nik alya fathi said...

hey there hafiz! i didnt know u have blog?? heh heh. anyways, nice seeing u here since im deleting fs soon. oh n btw, thnaks for my bday present. i was sweet of u to do that.

hm.... can i hav ur email address to this blog so i can invite u in? thanks. so now ure officially a blogger, as nasir would say! hahahah!

grappy mewlon said... gne cerebrum...jgn gne sepelin..hahaha

nik alya fathi- haha,how did u find me here..?actly diz blog juz 4 fun,not official yet coz i stil donoe wat 2 do wit it yet.owh.welkem bout d present..juz an apriciation from me n my luv kmey 2 u..hihih,btw,diz is email
naser said wat?rubbish tol..hahahahah

Hariry Ariffin said...

Patut a . hehe. :)

nik alya fathi said...

oh i found u thru azyan. hee. invited!